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Mike Shiver Official
Mike Shiver OfficialThursday, March 8th, 2018 at 7:33pm
My hero, my teacher, my dear father and guiding star has painfully and rapidly left us way too soon, aged 62. It wasn't suppose to be this way...you were looking forward to step down from work and enjoy many more years with us. There are so many question marks, so many tears and so many why's. 💔

You always turned me to the light, encouraged me to dream and follow my heart! You and your love, our beautiful mom always believed in me and my ways. You were there for mom, me and my little sister with your open warming heart no matter time and place, always! Even when your friends and acquainted ones needed support, you were always there to help and comfort to your outmost, no matter if you had your own problems. You always cared about everyone around you before yourself and that is very rare daddy. We will always love you for that and so much more ❤️

Words cannot even begin to describe how much we love you.

Thank you for everything!
Thank you for being the best and the greatest father!
Thank you for all our laughs and all your jokes that always put a smile on my face.
And thank you for fighting time until we got to meet you one last time.

Farewell my dear beloved father! I know deep inside that goodbyes are not the end and that it only means that we will miss you endlessly until we meet again somewhere else.

With time I am sure your love and all the memories we have together will leave an afterglow of smiles one day, and we will never forget you @christerwiklund3gmail.com_


Ett varmt tack till alla som närvarade vid dagens begravning på Heliga Korsets Kapell i Härnösand för att hedra och minnas vår finaste pappa! Tack till alla mina vänner, min systers vänner, min mammas vänner och min fars vänner, grannar och kollegor på @comhemab för era fina gåvor, telegram och vackra blommor! ❤️🌹

Tack till @theresiastrandberg och @samuel.gajicki för era sånger som vi för alltid kommer minnas och bevara i pappas minne ❤️

@ Härnösand, Sweden
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Mike Shiver Official
Mike Shiver OfficialSaturday, January 13th, 2018 at 9:22pm
Quad for life! 🏁🏍💨
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Mike Shiver OfficialFriday, January 12th, 2018 at 9:35pm
My remix for 'Invincible' by Thomas Mengel on @blackholerecordings just hit the stores today! Preview link in the bio! 💥#newmusicfriday #spotify #newmusic #edm #edmfamily #futurehouse #blackholerecordings #mikeshiver
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Mike Shiver OfficialSaturday, January 6th, 2018 at 4:59pm
Thanks @spotify for 2017! Filling the Wembley Stadium 3 nights straight cool even tho I doubt that everyone are able to fly over to participate 🤔 ...can't wait to release my new songs this year! 🤓✌️ @spotifysweden #spotify #wrapped #mikeshiver #trancefamily #edmfamily
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